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We provide state-of-the-art technologically superior Servers, PCs, mobile computing, storage solutions from ACER , IBM , LENOVO , HP, INTEX ; Printers, Copiers and Peripherals from SAMSUNG , HP , XEROX ; Home Appliances from SAMSUNG; UPS and peripherals from LIPI, INTEX, NEOPOWER and various other top IT companies globally. Gradually we also ventured into software and networking solutions by adding Microsoft, Novell, D-Link, Net gear, Ciano, & Cisco to our product range.

SAHYOG CONSULTANTS is a dynamic organization which provides wide and versatile range of online services to its clients at an economic charge. SAHYOG CONSULTANTS provides quality service to its clients because of its hard work, sincerity and proper time management. We offer our service to everyone whether it is an organization, institution, company, or individual. SAHYOG CONSULTANTS renders services to world wide clients. SAHYOG CONSULTANTS will serve you with current IT trends and where the future is heading. It's our pleasure to serve you. Our services are available separately and as a combined package as well.